Live Strong Bracelets

Live Strong Bracelets
What's your favorite cause?

We all have our favorite causes, and live strong bracelets are a great way to support them.

We've all seen a live strong bracelet at least once: they're the thick rubber wristbands sold to support worthwhile causes, like cancer, autism, AIDS, the fight against child abuse, and landmine removal.

These giant rubber wristbands first became popular as a tool in the LIVESTRONG™ anti-cancer movement, spearheaded by bicyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong, but have since become fashionable all over the bracelet-wearing world.

Bands for any wrist

Though initially made popular by the LIVESTRONG™ movement, these 'Livestrong' bands are the latest way for the everyday person to support a good cause and proudly display that support.

The recent tsunami in Asia, and the use of the bracelet bands to raise money for its victims, brought them to the entire world's attention; but the wrist bands have since taken on a life of their own. The variety of wristbands displayed on folks' arms seems endless.

Most such bracelets come with an impressed label showing what they're for, and they fit just about any wrist. Wrist bands for adults and children are easy to find, whether they're breast cancer pink, miracle blue, anti-racism black-and-white, or lucky green.

You'll even see multicolored bands on the occasional wrist.


Livestrong collectibles

These silicone wristbands have proven popular enough to become a fad, and when something's a fad, collectible status isn't far behind.

Not only do Livestrong style wrist bands represent causes, you can now get a bracelet sporting your high school senior year, your favorite Superbowl team, or simply your attitude.

The Live Strong movement has become more than just wristbands championing causes -- it has, at least for now, become an integral part of American pop culture.



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